With PRI, the only thing that will surprise you is our service.

When you hire PRI, all terms and processes are agreed-to at the very beginning. You can trust our consulting services for augmenting staff, special projects, work overload, and holiday, vacation & peak periods. Typical consultant and contract-to-hire services include:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administrative

We expect the unexpected

That's the secret to our market leadership in consulting. When we become your firm of choice, we develop company, department and user profiles to plan for your unique business needs. Then, we thoroughly screen, interview, test and reference-check each temporary employee to make sure they meet your qualifications. Our workers complete comprehensive orienta-tion and performance training in advance of assignments, so that they arrive at your office ready to begin.

Unique to the staffing industry, we offer two levels of back-up employees to ensure that your high-priority projects are never compromised by a lack of employees. Furthermore, your satisfaction is our consultant‟s highest concern. We offer incentive bonuses for outstanding performance and job completion. The feedback that determines these bonuses is provided by you in our client satisfaction surveys. Our workers are motivated to perform at the highest level to meet your needs.

Feel free to hire our best consultants from us….really!

More and more companies are finding their permanent hiring needs best met by “trying” a consultant for a defined period of time prior to hiring the person onto their own staff. We‟re confident in our expertise to accurately place a candidate into one of your permanent positions the first time, but we also recognize the realities of business today and the flexibility required.

If you‟re facing an uncertain budget or staffing situation, utilizing one of our consultants (until the position or project stabilizes) can be an efficient business decision. Once circumstances change and the consultant has demonstrated to be a valuable team member, you can make a permanent hire without any reservations. PRI‟s contract-to-hire solution can also assist if other agencies have failed to fill a hard-to-staff position, and you‟re reluctant to commit to an individual without being thoroughly acquainted with their work habits.